mazda 929 aka ron schneider (oh. / raumagent alpha) and tim vs. midiclock started their 'grand prix d´electro sample pop de la chanson' in 1998 with 'kino mit brigitte' to be the first (and still only) release on several compilations. as long as both guys got deep roots also in non-electronic music, mazda 929´s sound lies somewhere inbetween funk, jazz, house, breakbeats, electro, indiepop or whatever. the band has been playing liveshows at several clubs, open-air festivals and even rock-based venues (most rock heads didn´t mind;-) and although mazda 929 seems to remain stationary we still don´t wanna see the band R.I.P.

compilations only; everyone choosed 'kino mit brigitte'...

'freiton vol. 2' | cd | 1998 mdz <
'unter unserem himmel 1' | cd/lp | virgin
'feierwerk sommerfest 1999'* | cd | 1999 chillerlounge rec.
'prima leben und stereo' |cd | 2000 plus
*old fuel remix

bad news everyone: there is no album out there. but the good news is: you can get the tracks from this page:

kino mit brigitte [5.1mb], 1998
punkt rot [5.7mb], 1998
schuesse auf der autobahn (live) [7.2mb], 1998
farfisagramm [4.4mb], 2000
discostushoe [5.5mb], 2000
neuhaus (live) [10mb], 1998
kino remix (live) [4.9mb], 1998

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